Vancouver Coach

Vancouver Coach

Personal Development Coaching

Business & Personal Improvement Coaching: Better than a vacation!

Dealing with a personal crisis, depression, or a troubled teen?

This year-long personalized session, by Vancouver's only Certified Esoteric Consultant, Clayten Tylor, involves several consultation steps, made of many short sessions on a call-when-you-need basis, or scheduled calls, up to 800. minutes over a period of a year, depending on how long the situation or treatment requires.

This pre-paid ongoing coaching mentoring consultation is personally designed to focus on bringing out the best parts of your personality (as seen from esoteric astrology); and to awaken and manifest individual goals, which represent happiness in your life. Business Coaching can also include ongoing support for developing a business project; or Personal Development Coaching for another personal goal, or health issue.

Vancouver Coaching

Self-Improvement Coaching:

Business Coaching & Ongoing Personal Coaching in Vancouver ~ 800 Min. ~ $1200.*

These sessions include a complete analysis. (Individually priced regularly $1600 - 2200. includes preparation time) (Example usage: Nine 90 min. Sessions, Thirteen 60 Min. sessions, or as needed. etc.) (Minimum billing 60 Minutes per session). Send as a Gift and get a Tax Receipt.

Book Coaching
Or, Pay by Monthly Installments ~ $200. down payment, $100. per month for ten months.

Or, Contact Clayten to enquire about arranging a different subscription plan.

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Astro*Psychic Readings with Clayten

Vancouver Psychic Astrologer"If you have ever balanced a stone on its side, you know the exact moment of balance; the experience is magical, life changing - you never forget it!"

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